Tour Name : 12 Days Magnificent Iran  
Details : Tehran (1N), Qazvin (2N), Zanjan (1N), Takhte Soleyman (1N), Sanandaj (1N), Uraman (1N), Kermanshah (2N), Hamedan (1N), Tehran (1N)
Duration : 12 Days

Tour Details & Price

Group Size Meals Accomodation Price
15 pax 10 Breakfast, 10 Lunch, 10 Snacks Traditional hotel Price for per person in double room in a group of 15: - USD
All-inclusive Services:
- Accommodation
- all transfers
- Lunches and Snacks
- Refreshments
- Licensed tourist guide
- entrance fees
- Ground Transportation
- Visa Formalities
- Through Tour Guide

Day 1: We arrive in Tehran in the very early morning and will be welcomed by our Tourist Guide in the airport. We then go to the hotel for a rest to get ready to begin our trip.
Day 2: We drive toward Qazvin to see different sites including Dolatkhane Safavi, Behroozi House and Chehel Sotun. Gheyme Nesar is a delicious classical food that we eat for lunch. Overnight in Qazvin.

                       Dolatkhane Safavi-Qazvin          Behrouzi House           Chehel Sotoun Palace

Day 3: Today we visit  Alamut Castle, a mountain fortress, outside the city and will come back to Qazvin to spend another night there.

                                                   Alamut Castle-Qazvin          Alamut Castle-Qazvin

Day 4: we drive to Takestan in the early morning and visit the grape gardens. We can pick some grapes if possible. Then we continue our way Toward Zanjan and visit Katalekhur Cave and Soltanieh Dome on the way. We stay overnight in Zanjan.

                                                  Katalekhur Cave-Zanjan            Soltanieh Dome-Zanjan

Day 5: Today we go to Takhte Soleyman through MahNeshan and visit Mahneshan Castle and Takhte Soleyman. Overnight in Takhtesoleyman.

                                                  Takhte Soleyman            Mahneshan Castle-Mahneshan
Day 6: Sanandaj is our next destination. we go to Karaftu Cave, Asef Vaziri Mansion and Sanandaj Bazaar. Overnight in Sanandaj.

                                Karaftu Cave-Sanandaj        Asef Vaziri Mansion-Sanandaj       Sanandaj bazar

Day 7: We visit Marivan, Zarivar lake, Negel Quran and arrive in Uraman.

                                                       Zarivar Lake-Marivan        Negal Quran

Day 8: we continue our trip to Paveh. Sarabe Ravansar, Taq Bostan and Kermanshah Bazaar are the sites that we see on our way to Kermanshah. Overnight in Kermanshah.

                          Sarabe Ravansar-Kermanshah      ”Taq Bostan-Kermanshah”=      ”Kermanshah Bazar

Day 9: Today we go to Bistoun and visit Lajin. We arrive in Hamedan and stay there for the night.

                                                Bisotoun-Kermanshah          Lajin

Day 10: we have a Hamedan city tour and see Avicenna Tomb, Ganjnameh and Hegmataneh. Then we drive toward Tehran and get to the hotel at night.

                                 Avicenna Tomb-Hamedan         Ganjnameh-Hamedan       Hegmataneh-Hamedan

Day 11: On the last day in Iran we visit Tehran, Golestan Palace and National museum and see this Metropolis. We go to the airport at night to come back home.

                                                   Golestan Palace-Tehran        National Museum-Tehran

Day 12: Departure.


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