Food and Gastronomy:

Different regions of Iran offer a good variety of foods and Cuisines. Due to the coastal area of north and south of Iran, sea food is famous and very delicious. The Kutum, pikes, Stella Sturgeons (which produce the finest Caviar in the world) so common in the north, by the Caspian Sea and fishes in the coast of Persian Gulf in the South, like Tiger tooth croaker, Silver pomfret and stripped piggy which can be cooked with vegetables and spices, or as kebab with steamed rice brings food-conscious people a good taste.
What is popular in Iranian cuisine is different kind of barbequed meat or what we call it  Kebabs like Lamb, chicken, beef kebabs and stews like Fesenjan (Mixture of meat and walnut and pomegranate sauce), Qorme Sabzi (Mixture of meat and vegetables), Qeymeh ( Mixture of meat and potato, tomato and split peas) with steamed rice.  Dizi is very famous in Iranian Cuisine which is a mixture of meat, tomato sauce, potato, Pea and spices. 
As beverages, a nice variety of herbal drinks are available including Mint, Thyme, Succory, sweet brier, London Rocket and Catkin which can be served cold and some beverages like Black tea and Green tea can be served hot.