China Trade Week-Iran
22nd September to the 24th September 2016

China’s One Belt, One Road initiative is a comprehensive framework for organizing multinational economic development and trade, which as inspired the creation of China Trade Week (CTW).
Under the background of "One Belt, One road", MIE has already successfully held several high quality Chinese goods exhibitions in the countries along the route, together with certified workshops and cultural exchange.
And here comes the first exhibitions in Iran in 2016 with the support of Chinese government and the Iran Chamber of Commerce. Running from September 19-21 2016 at Tehran Municipality's Specialized Exhibition Centre, Iran, China Trade Week will bring Iran business people face-to-face with Chinese companies, creating a unique opportunity to meet, talk and develop the foundations of trading and business relationships.
The show acted as showcase for over Chinese manufacturers looking to connect with not only local and regional import/export companies, potential distributors, sales agents and large volume customers but also potential joint venture and investment partners. Visitors who own or operate small, medium and large businesses are welcomed and encouraged to attend.
An important element of China Trade Week is the hosting of regular"China Sourcing Workshops" that is aimed at providing our visitors with tops and tricks on how to practically and safely source products from China. Also, a gala diner will be hosted on the night of the opening day of the China Trade Week, providing the local enterprises a unique opportunity to know more about Chinese culture.
With full government and industry support, the organizers of China Trade Week-Iran 2016 spent weeks on the road in China, meeting companies from major provinces such as Jiangsu,Sichuan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, ensuring that the very best of Chinese manufacturing and industry will be represented at this event and the following.
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can enjoy full support from China Chamber of Commerce concerning China Trade Week-Iran 2016, which means those enterprises attending the event, can apply for oversea exhibition subsidy from the government if they meet the requirements.
The China Trade Week-Iran 2016 will feature Chinese businesses from sectors such as construction materials, PMV, print, packaging and plastics, consumer products and food beverage.