Russian official comments on tourism cooperation with Iran

Source: Iran Daily
The Ninth Tehran International Tourism Exhibition, held at Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds during Feb. 16- 19, was warmly received by visitors.
The interesting point of this edition of the expo was the increased presence of foreign tourism delegations caused by the lifting of Western sanctions.
A large number of countries, such as Russia, had headed to Iran to take part in the event.
Resumption of economic and cultural cooperation with European states and recent conflict between Turkey and Russia were the main reasons for the expanded presence of Russian travel agencies and tourism companies in the expo.
Earlier, Russians constituted a significant number of tourists to Turkey; nevertheless, due to the recent row between the two states, Russia has decided to find new destinations for its holidaymakers.
A large number of countries in the region, such as the UAE, seek to grasp this opportunity and host Russian tourists. Iran is no exception in this regard. Scores of Iranian tourists visit Russia annually. Efforts are underway by Iranian and Russian officials to facilitate tourist visits to respective states by easing visa procedure.
This indicates that, apparently, Iran is going to turn into a new destination for Russian travelers. Although the two countries had begun joint tourism cooperation, the recent expo pushed Russian companies to further explore the possibility of fostering collaboration in the tourism sector.
To further learn about Russian firms' plans for attracting and sending Iranian and Russian tourists to and from their country, respectively, Iran Daily conducted an interview with a director of a Russian tourism company which had participated in the expo and is affiliated to the Russian Federation's Ministry of Culture.