International Exhibitions Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the most important Iran economic and trade companies, has prepared a suitable field and framework by utilizing unique spaces, possibilities, facilities , and expert workforce and by holding international expertise exhibitions for foreign and domestic producers and merchants, so that in addition to offering and demonstrating their capabilities, They would be able to develop their trade transactions and build up their international joint investments at the permanent site of Iran International Exhibitions.
The foundation of Iran Exhibitions Company dates back to 1959. In that year after the allocation of the exhibition site at the present location, in 1967, construction activities for constructing exhibition and administration halls started. The first International Asian exhibition was held in 1969 for 21 days, with presence of 33 countries and after that the trend of holding exhibitions gave way to a suitable development that acknowledged Tehran as one of the most beautiful global centers for exhibitions.
In 1976 Exhibitions Company was admitted as a member of UFI (Union of International Fairs); it also became a member of BIE, which has the responsibility of holding global Expo Exhibitions.
The important functions of the International exhibitions company of Islamic Republic of Iran include:
•    Holding specialized, exclusive and international trade exhibitions inside and outside of Iran
•    Cooperating with the global exhibition unions and applying for their memberships, also participating in corresponding seminars and conferences, and taking action in constituting such assemblies with the observance of Iran rules and regulations.
•    Exhibiting and introducing agricultural, mineral and industrial products and achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its techno-commercial engineering services through holding and administrating of exhibition centers and stands in Iran or abroad .

•    Participation with natural persons or legal entities in affairs related to the duties of the company including current duties or establishing functions or permanent and temporary exhibitions in Iran or abroad through investment.


                         Local Exhibitions Calendar (from Nov 2017-Feb 2018)

 Row Subject  Date


The First Exhibition Of Cybercrime Industry

4-7 Nov


The 17th Iran Int’l Electricity Exhibition

4-7 Nov


The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery & Related Industry & Equipment

4-7 Nov


The 12th Auto Parts Int’l Exhibition

13-16 Nov


The 2nd International Exhibition of Halal protein products and related industries

13-16 Nov


The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances

25-28 Nov


The 11th Int’l Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition (Ibex 2017)

23-26 Nov


The 4th Int’l Exhibition of Solar Energy

25-28 Nov


The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock and Related Industries

4-7 Dec


The 14th Int’l Exhibition of Metallurgy

4-7 Dec


The 18th Exhibition of Research and Technological Achievements

13-16 Dec


The 24th Int’l Exhibition of Printing, Packing & Related Machinery

13-16 Dec


The 3th Int’l Exhibition Of Hospital Building, Infrastructure, Installation Equipment & Related Industries

24-27 Dec


The 25th int'l Exhibition Of Chandeliers & Decorative Light

24-27 Dec


The first international exhibition of fuel station (FUELEX2017)

24-27 Dec


The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services

24-27 Dec


The 14th Int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries

2-5 Jan 2018


The 11th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores

2-5 Jan 2018


The 10th Int'l Exhibition of Gold, Silver, Jewel, Watch & Related Industries

3-6 Jan 2018


The 5th Int'l Exhibition on Nuts, Dried Fruits & Related Industries

3-6 Jan 2018


The first business fair

11-14 Jan