Tehran; The most important province of Iran country. In The Field of Economic, social, politics & cultural situation Tehran plays an important role among the other cities of Iran.

Tehran is the Capital City of Iran; Metropolitan of 14Million people which situated at the foot range of Alborz Mountain.

Tehran is the Capital of Iran country include the place of important exhibitions cultural activities art, natural & tourism destination.
Tehran is one of the five top destination in Iran. Tehran has important & biggest universities in the Iran.

Also Tehran include some of Iran top religious destination like: Imamzadeh Saleh, Shah abdolazim Hasani shrine, Imam zadeh davoud.
Tehran has the longest street the the Middle East which name Valiasr Street.

Refer to Public transportation system in Tehran people has too many choice for transfer to reach their spot/ destination.

Inner city transportation: Transportation in Tehran is based on Taxis, online taxi system, inner bus transportation called B.R.T , 7Line subway station from West to the East & North to the South of the city
Which Tehran city subway connect people to Alborz Province, Hashtgerd city of alborz province & shahr rey is the far East city of Tehran bikes & personal sedan cars.

Tehran assigned as a Capital of Iran for 200 years ago caused to build too much important cultural palaces, museums, parks, ancient & important mosques, churches, Ancient Schools, etc.

Tourism in Tehran City is very prosperous for its industrial activities & large population.

The beautiful nature which surrounding Tehran city including the beautiful Ski slopes on Damavand Mount, numerous highlands and rivers, constitute the natural and recreational areas of Tehran.

The capital city of Tehran over the past 200 years has created numerous historical and political sites in the area which has particular tourism value…

The palaces and Museums are mostly built during the Qajar and Pahlavi periods, include old houses and gardens, which have been used as public museums, historic mosques and numerous old churches, along with other attractions.

Art galleries, museums, and so on are some of the most spectacular and historic places in Tehran.

Tehran as the capital of Iran with its large number of amenities and population has made the recreation Tourism centers that concentrated in the area.

The most important International exhibitions, Cinemas, Residences, Cultural & Theatre hall and well-equipped sports Stadiums exist in this city…

Other Fact is Valiasr Street which is The longest street in the Middle East is located in this city.

Tehran Province now has 10 cities and Tehran is the most populous and thriving city in the Iran country.

Why Tehran?
Tehran is One of the top five tourism destinations in Iran which has Traditional and modern markets and many shopping malls with a variety of products.
Also The most famous universities in the Iran are located in this city. Some of the most famous religious attractions of the country are located in Tehran such as Imamzadeh Saleh, Abdul Azim Hasani Holy Shrine, etc.

Traffic in Tehran is covered by numerous linear taxis, online taxis, private and fast city bus routes (metro), subways, motorcycles and personal cars. However, with massive, everyday traffic, urban traffic and even individual traffic, it has its own set of problems.

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