Glance Of Persia


Day 1:Tehran-Kashan

After breakfast at Ibis International Airport, head to Kashan. Visiting Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), Traditional house (A traditional Persian residential architecture). Overnight: Kashan
Fin20Garden 1 Glance Of PersiaBorujerdi20House 1 Glance Of Persia

Day 2:Kashan- Isfahan

Today drive toward Isfahan en route visit Abyaneh historical village, the living fossil of Iranian culture. Arrive in Isfahan after a break visit the thirty-three bridge and Khajo bridge. This bridge is icon of this city where art and architecture are battling over self-steaming river. Overnight: Isfahan
Abyaneh20Village small20size Glance Of PersiaKhaju20Bridge Glance Of Persia


Day 3:Isfahan

Full day city tour of Isfahan including Chehel Sotun Palace (the reception palace of Safavid Dynasty) and Naghsh-e Jahn Square including Ali-Qapu palace, the palace of Safavid Kings, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the private royal mosque, Abbasi Jame mosque & Traditional bazaar, Vank cathedral in Armenian Quarter (Jolfa). Overnight: Isfahan
Chehel Sotoon Glance Of PersiaSheikh Lotfallah Esfahan Glance Of Persia


Day 4:Isfahan-Yazd

After breakfast, we driver to Yazd, the city in the heart of desert, the cradle of ancient an ancient Mono-theistic religion of Zoroastrianism. In evening a short walk around Amir Chaqmaq Tekyeh, where our religious events are held in Safavid Dynasty to the contemporary period, and the walking through old area of the city, Fahadan district to feel the desert architecture and culture of Iran. Overnight: Yazd
Dowlat Abad Garden Yazd Iran Glance Of PersiaMud Brick Ice House11 Glance Of PersiaSi o se Pol Glance Of Persia


Day 5:Yazd

In morning, we will move toward the Fire temple, a prayer place of Zoroastrians, and Tower of silence, the grave yard of them. Afterward, you will visit the Dolat-Abad Garden and wind tower, (a registered site in UNESCO world heritage). Overnight: Yazd
Yazd fire temple small20size Glance Of PersiaTower20of20Silence Yazd Glance Of PersiaMasjed e Jomeh Yazd new Glance Of Persia


Day 6:Yazd- Pasargadae – Shiraz

Today driver toward Shiraz, en route visit Pasargadae, Tomb of Cyrus the great, founder of Persian Empire. Then Persepolis literally meaning “city of Persian”, was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. In addition, you visit Naghsh-e Rostam (Necropolis), where you can see the tomb of four Achamenid Kings and Sassanid reliefs. In evening, you will visit the tomb of Hafiz and Saadi, two of our most outstanding poets to feel the taste of Persian Literature. Overnight: Shiraz
Persepolis201 Glance Of PersiaNaqsh e rostam Glance Of PersiaPasargad Glance Of Persia


Day 7:Shiraz- Tehran

Today city tour in Shiraz including Pink Mosque, Eram Garden (A historic Persian garden), Narnjenjestan Qavam., Karim Khan Castel In night, flight to Tehran. Overnight: Tehran
Nasir ol Molk Mosque 1 Glance Of PersiaGhavam20Garden Glance Of Persia


Day 8:Tehran

Today full day tour include Tochal, a mountain & ski resort north of Tehran, Tajrish bazaar and Emamzadeh Saleh Mausoleum. Overnight: Tehran

R11 Glance Of Persia

Day 9:Tehran- Departure

A day tour including Golestan Palace (The former royal Qajar complex), Iran Bastan Archeological museum, Treasury National Jewels museums after that transfer to IKIA.
Shamsolemareh Glance Of PersiaNational Museum of Persia Glance Of Persia

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