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Golestan Palace in Tehran

The glorious Golestan Palace in Tehran is a masterpiece of Qajar dynasty that depicts the creative integration of Iranian architecture with western influences. Qajar family came to power in 1779 and since then, Tehran was chosen as the capital of their power and the palace was the seat of their government. This palace was built around a garden with picturesque planted areas and a beautiful pool. When you walk into the courtyard, the first thing you see is Takht-e Marmar Terrace. The terrace is ornamented with Iranian elements like mirrors, stuccos, paintings and tile works. There is also a yellow marble throne that came from Yazd. On the right side of the terrace, there is another terrace where Naser al-Din Shah reclined and smoked while enjoying the green surroundings. The integration of Iranian and European architecture is best clear in Shamsol Emare, where the king wanted to have a clear view of the capital, therefore; he got a tower built for him. Though, only its ground floor has remained. There is a theater right on the southern part of Shamsol Emare. It was constructed upon the order of the Qajar king for performing Ta’zieh (Islamic mourning performance). This architectural phenomenon with all of its vibrant and colorful figures and monuments has been registered on UNESCO World Heritage list on 2013.
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